Translations mixed up after file being deleted

Hi, I’ve mixed up a lot of stuff, I’ve deleted a file in my project and as a result lost translations.

Well, no deleted at all, but with automatic integration all strings get removed.

So I, run translation memory pretranslation, receive my suggestion back, it’s good. But couple of days ago, synch was done one more time, and this happened again.

How can I turn things back and receive my old file, with old translations? Also, why all my strings get’s removed?

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Hi @YuryChugov

There are 2 possible reasons that could have caused this behavior:

  1. You changed not only source texts but also keys in your file (in case it’s a key-based file, like .XML or .json), so as a result system read the strings as totally new.
  2. You added strings at the very beginning of the file (non-key-based, probably.docx), so as a result, all file becomes totally new.

For the 1st point, please check the way you use to create/edit new keys. For the 2nd point, the possible solution would be to use automated TM pre-translation (in workflow for example).

Hope it would help :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also (possibly) forget to use the “update_without_change” option while source file update (if it’s an integration this option can be written down within config. Without it, with any minor change in source elements, even if you didn’t notice this change, all translations can be lost.

I had such a case in the past, we’ve switched systems internally, and a lot of spaces and commas were added to texts. The translatable content was changed (commas) and as result translations were lost.

Should be a rare case but anyway, keep it in mind.

@Dima @GregoryLanncved thanks for pointing me! just woke up and, surprise, here are my answers :slight_smile: Thanks one more time!

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