Translations made for .adoc files are not pushed into Gitlab

Hi, I’m working with Gitlab and the type of my sources varies, mostly I use .adoc and .json

Json and exported back and forth just great

Adoc - 50/50, some of them are fine, some are uploaded into Crowdin, updated, but no translation reached my Gitlab (almost all files are translated).

What can be the point? I tried different integration settings and translation export staff - nothing helped

Had the same problem in past. It’s related to adoc version.

Crowdin always supports the latest version, so you need to update files to version 4 (at least all mine are in 4 - no problems at all)

I guess it’s because they were added with a lower version, and probably you didn’t add new strings, so no update was triggered outside of your Gitlab.

You need to re-import all files that have problems with synch.

Please follow next steps:

  1. Pause synchronization
  2. Remove file from the repo
  3. Upload them back into the repo
  4. Remove file from the Crowdin project
  5. Resume integration with Edit + Save option

In order not to lose translations, I recommend this way:


Enable the option of duplicates (to be shared), than rename the branch in Crowdin, run the integration again. When new files arrive, remove the old branch and translations should migrate into new files (well, perhaps not all but the majority for sure, due to a different segmentation as they’re processed in the new version differently)

Or simply run Translation Memory pre-translation from the project homepage

Great, thanks, it helped. I just used TM pre translate and it’s good so far.

Again thanks!