Translations being lost?

Hi, yesterday decided to clean up some old files and folders in my project. I deleted a few of the, then another one, and then another one more, and after moving the files, almost all the translations were gone. Is this a bug? How can I bring the translation back? Some files were almost identical. So it’s not clear to me what’s the reason for this.

Should be related to duplicated strings. You can find more at this link Advanced Project Setup | Crowdin Documentation

So, what you need to do is to use Undo button from the activity, then switch the project into Hide duplicates - default, so they become hidden everywhere and share same translation. Wait maybe for half an hour (in case project is small 30-40 seconds will be enough) so all of 'em shares the translation. Then, feel free to delete files you don’t need. The translation will migrate.

In case some would still remain, you can easily deal with 'em using translation memory pre translate with 100% match for untranslated strings only.