Translation memory priority

Hey, just wondering whether it’s possible to somehow prioritize my TMs. Right now I’m having 5 of 'em, and can’t say for sure which one is taken into account when I do any action related to this feature. Like stars rating, 1-5, would be very awesome if I’d be able to assign the priority level for each of 'em.

Any ideas on how can I have this?

@FranckyRizz in your project, go to Resources → translation memory, there would be list with TMs and number near them.

This number indicates priority, once you click it, you would able to switch priority from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on.

Native project’s TM would be greyed out, and always with 1-st priority, it can’t be disabled, all others can be disabled + priority increased or decreased.

Changing priory would work for all TM-based activities. For example, pre translate and so.