Translation Memory Matches

Hi, I wanted to pre-translate a text with an AI model that I fine-tuned, but I noticed that the AI only automatically confirms translations that are a 100% match from the translation memory, it shows matches below 100% in the “Suggestions” section. I was wondering if there is a feature that allows adding even a single matching word from the translation memory to the pre-translate. Let’s say 30% of a sentence matches, can AI automatically approve that 30% but not touch the rest?
If there is such an adjustment, how can I do it ?

Hi, @egmnshnky!

The AI takes the TM settings that are set in the project settings.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to allow approval for matches less than 100%.

You can try to enable auto-substitution which can help translations to level up their percentage. However, it doesn’t guarantee that those translations will upgrade to 100%.

Then, if this is the case, why there is need to fine-tune AI? I mean could pre-translate with only translation memory.
Since both of them only approves %100 matches.

@egmnshnky ,

The fine-tuning feature is created to provide your entire TM or termbase. Originally, AI could not accept a 5 GB TM + large termbase + your file for translation in one request.

With the fine-tuning feature, you can pre-train the model with your translation assets, such as TM and glossary no matter how big your localization assets are.

However, I will ask our devs if there is any workaround to use the smaller % match for approval.


Our developers want to ask for some more information.

Can you please share the info on how exactly you fine-tuned the AI, what do you mean under ‘AI automatically confirms translations’?

Also, which way do you translate the files, pre-translation via AI or MT?

Please share as many details as possible.

Looking forward to your reply!

I fine-tuned the AI using the translation memory texts I uploaded.
It was a script consisting of about 10 Turkish sentences and 10 English sentences.
This text was for a test run.

I then opened a translation project using the same languages.
To see the effectiveness of the AI’s fine-tuning option, I uploaded a Turkish text that was %50 similar to the one I’d uploaded to the translation memory.

I then clicked on the Pre-translate with AI option.
Since the text I’ve uploaded and the text in the translation memory are %50 the same, I expected the AI to automatically approve the words that match the translation memory. I mean, I expected that even if the matches are %15 percent, it should approve those words during the pre-translation process.

What I want in the fine-tuning option is this;
Let’s say I have previously translated the word ‘‘arttırmak’’ as ‘‘increasing’’ from Turkish to English, and the AI has saved this change for the next texts.

After that, whenever I upload a sentence containing the word ‘‘arttırmak’’, I want the AI to always pre-translate it as ‘‘increasing’’, even if the rest of the sentence doesn’t match the TM.

Is there a way to do that?

HI @egmnshnky !

Thank you for the details, passed it to our devs.

We’ll keep you posted!