Translating SRT Files via AI

I want to translate My Subtitles via AI but I come across a problem.
Crowdin perceives the sections with timecodes as strings, so it does not pre-translate.
For example my subtitle document is 250 strings, but with time codes it Crowdin perceives it as 1000 strings.
What should I do?

Hi there!

In case I understood you correctly you want to omit timecodes being translated by the AI to reduce the cost? It is possible to hide strings on import by configuring the File Import Tweak App from our store, kindly check it below:

It can help you skip/hide specific strings automatically after importing the file to the project.

No, I don’t want to save cost I just want to get the translation with the timecodes as in the first place.
But the problem is, Crowdin percevies the sections that timecodes are written as strings.
For Example, imagine that I’ve uploadad 5 strings file.
But in that file, there are timecodes above the sentences, so when I upload it to Crowdin, it perceives the file as 10 strings. And this leads to pre-translate problem. Because there are so many strings, Crowdin doesn’t pre-translate the file

SRT files are uploaded in a way that the timecode are added above the actual source string, kindly check the documentation with the file example below:

In case timecodes shouldn’t be translated, it is possible to hide it. Otherway, to the source string will be added translation which is the same as the source content