Translate Strings with variables

Hi there,

I am trying to translate Strings with variable but i can’t get it
To explain :

I have on my website Strings which are very similar except for one or two variable
For example : Volkswagen 1 screw fixing / Audi 1 screw fixing / BMW 1 screw fixing / etc…
I would like to create and translate one string for all those
I created something like that : {{Brand}} 1 screw fixing
but it doesn’t work, I think I’ve missed something in the way variables work

Thanks for your help,

Hi Hugo!

Variables - are meant to be highlighted as untranslatable elements in the Editor.

So I’ve tried to create the same string {{Volkswagen}} 1 screw fixing in my test project and the variable was highlighted:

In your case, you may put in brackets different brands, like {{Audi}} 1 screw fixing > then turn on Auto-substitution feature > then translate one of such strings (e.g. {{Volkswagen}} 1 screw fixing) > then pre-translate via TM and all of the strings containing brand variable + 1 screw fixing part will be translated automatically the same as the first string. Please kindly watch my video explanation below:

Could you please kindly give it a try?

Tanks for your answer,

That’s not what I was getting at
What I wanted to do is creating some kind of “Pattern” so that with 1 string for example “{{Brand}} 1 screw fixing” it detects on my website all the strings that respects this pattern for example : “Volkswagen 1 screw fixing” as well as “Audi 1 screw fixing”

I don’t know if this is possible

Dear Hugo,

All of those strings can’t be grouped and uploaded as one string, sorry to say so. You’re welcome to try to follow our guidance shared in the previous message