Tons of tags inside word file

Just aploaded a file into Crowdin, checked the editor, and there are tons of tags, like:

<g id="*">my_text1</g>, <g id="*">my_text2</g>

They are almost everywhere. Hiding them in the editor settings helped a little but still they’re. Probably I’ve never seen them beacuse I work with api, not with UI, but this time decided to check and set up all from UI, and just saw those tags and get stunned by their quantity :disappointed_relieved:

Always the same with word .docx files as there is different formatting of text inside the file (color, style, bold, and so on). You can play with the format of the document, because tons of tags may exists when text and spaces in the text have different styles. At least this is how all importers work, because removing them would influence the exported file, it may become corrupted.