The Swedish translations are emty

Hello everyone,
We translated some string resources in some languages and when we downloaded Localizable 4.xcstrings for iOS development usage all language translations were fulfilled but Swedish.
We do the same for Android XML files, and all language translation is fulfilled for Android!
Any idea?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @mehdiparsaeigm , could you please kindly tell us the project name where it has happened?

It is the project name

Hi @mehdiparsaeigm,

Thank you for providing the details!

I’ve checked everything with our tech team on the matter and they informed that it is an unexpected behavior with the Swedish language and Apple Strings Catalog Exporter.

The task on the matter (45509) has already been created for the tech team and we will inform you immediately once it is fixed,

Thank you,

Hello, is there any update? We are about to release and we don’t have Swidisch language.

Hi @mehdiparsaeigm !

Our developers are still working on the created task.

Once we have any news we will inform you as soon as possible!

Thank you for your patience)