The speed of crowdin is slow

Hi, i have a 50 mbps connection and nothing is being downloaded here and even so the speed of the scrolling from one translation to the next is annoyingly slow MULTIPLE times. Please optimize the site the solve this problem. This seems a trend since transifex suffers from the same problem too.

PS: I tried watefox/firefox and the speed is bad in both.

Hello @Felipefpl

We haven’t received the same feedback these days, so, most likely, it’s not a mass issue.

You can use these tools in order to see whether performance is low for everyone.

Please note that a lot of things may cause slow scrolling and overall level of system response: the hardware of your PC, other tasks the PC is running, internet speed, VPN, some firewalls, a policy of internet provider (in some countries some websites are restricted)

Hi Dima.

I wasnt downloading anything, neither was i doing anything that demanded CPU’s power and even so the speed of the site was slow, thanks for the links, i looked at the sites.


Maybe the project size is huge so the browser needed time to render the page. Or some other activities were done at that moment in the project (like massive file update or pre-translate).

Have your colleagues experienced the same issue the day you faced it?

The project is pcsx2 (it has 41 pages) and i didnt pre-translate anything, submissions to english content are not made often too. I dont have colleagues in this project who i talk to. I dont know if 41 pages is a lot to render.

I checked your project from my database and found no suspicious logs or system messages that can be related to performance.

Please try contacting the internet provider (some providers may slow down access to some websites from their side) or using another browser or PC.

Also, you may try checking the task manager of your PC, probably despite of you weren’t doing anything that demands PC resources, the PC itself runs some updates or so.

Hope this helps.

Ok, thank you for your help.