The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request

Hello, in the last two days when I want to download any document I translated on Crowdin, I get this error:

“The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.”
Please help me asap.

Hi @zuleyha_kol !

Could you please let us know what is your role in the project? If you are a manager also please try to clear the browser cache and use another browser or incognito mode.

​Please let us know how everything is going!

Hi Tania,
Yes I am one of the managers.
I tried all the things you suggested. Still the same error shows up when I want to download files.
The owner of the project, who works with me can download everything but I cannot.
What to do next?

Hello @zuleyha_kol

It’s because of tags inside the file.

This file has issues with translation, in source lines, there are untranslatable tags, which should also exist in the translation field, but there are no tags in the translation field.

This is why export fails. And it would fail for the owner and other managers as well.

I’ve reached out to you directly via email with further instructions

Hi Dima,

I get that a recent document I translated could have tag problems and therefore may not be downloaded.

The problem is:

1)The owner of the project did easily download the file I have had a downloading problem. For example: (Crowdin)

2)I cannot even download the files I had worked on and downloaded without any problem before, which means they had no tag problems. For example: (Crowdin)

Any other suggestions, please?

Hi @zuleyha_kol!

Thank you for the provided details!

Passing everything to our devs for the investigation!

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