Synching with Azure doesn't work

Hi, I’m experiencing weird stuff with Azure integration.

I’ve deleted some old branches from integration settings and from Crowdin, still with any new synchronization they are added again automatically.

Opposite side - new branches, I see them in the available list, I add them into integration, I see no error but they are removed within a short period without any actions from my side.

What could be the point?

Have you checked Service hooks? It’s usual staff for Azure

In your repository, in Azure project settings, you can find that option in Project Settings ->Service hooks.

If some hooks are absent, try Edit + Save Azure integration on the Crowdin side → hooks should be re-generated and you need to Enable it

For disabling branches you need to Delete or Disable (not sure, I always deleted) service hook related to that branch

@GeorgeTh yes, it was a reason, thanks for pointing out!