Strings are deleted in Github while synchronized with Crowdin

So, I’ve connected the new repository with Crowdin

And I turned on all the checks in the integration settings (like always import translations, one time import translation, push sources, etc).

Added few translations, deleted and added few stings in Crowdin, played with file a lot. Once I click synch now option in the integration settings some strings are deleted in my repository. What can be the point? I have a doubts about push sources, but it looks it’s the same that always import translation…

Sources are always synchronized in a way Github → Crowdin. Push sources enable additional synchronization in another way (Crowdin → Github).

So, if you enabled Push sources, then you deleted some source strings in the file while working in Crowdin, during the synchronization they will be deleted in the Github as well.

This explains why some source strings are deleted from your repository. If you want to prevent this, disable this option, but usually, it’s useful when you need to do some minor changes.