String not translating when using appcompat View components on Android

When using the appcompat libraries like for example androidx.appcompat.widget.AppCompatTextView on the the XML views in Android, the android:text doesn’t translate properly. But if we change the component to use the alternative component like for this example <TextView>, we do see the translation made correctly. Our issue is that per requirements we do need to use the appCompat libraries. Is there any way to display the translations correctly using the appcompat libraries?

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Hello @charlie.castro probably this would help.

In case your file is not as sample here, than you’ll need to switch a workflow so it would be matched.

Hey @Oleg_Stoykov, I have read the Android Documentation and we are following it to the letter. The issue comes with the SDk not translating the <androidx.appcompat.widget.AppCompatTextView> view component even thou we have the string properly translated in the portal. I think is a bug in the SDK but wanted to double check. I was able to reproduce this in the Demo App.

It’s a public repository (with SDK), in case you found something unexpected you’d better describe it in Discussion section or in other reporting tread.

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