Strapi integration didn't connect

We are using strapi for content management and want to improve translation management with crowdin. After installing the Strapi integration and entering URL and API token, there is no error message - and no further activity; only a running circle. Any idea, what is going wrong?
We are on the free plan during this evaluation.

Note: With same token and URL we can access the conten with Postman.

Hi @mhillmann ! Could you please contact and share the project link + video-recording of the behavior you face?

Ok, I wrote an email to the support with screenshots and a demo token to my test server for reproducing the behavior at your side. I will update this ticket in case others are facing similar issues.

Dear @mhillmann thank you!

Just for reference for other readers:

Fixed in our firewall settings. We must disable two security measures in the firewall: “Static URL Hardening” and “Form Hardening”.

Now it works like a jarm :wink:

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