Storyblok richtext segmentation

Using the Storyblok integration (trial), richtext fields have extraneous tags around them if there is more than one sentence per paragraph. For example:
Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 4.37.53 PM

This is because each sentence in the paragraph is wrapped in a span tag during import (the spans aren’t present in the source content):

<span id="string_preview_id_$[12].content[0].content[0].text_0">This is a block quote.</span><span id="string_preview_id_$[12].content[0].content[0].text_2">It is often used to indicate a quotation from another source.</span>

Is there any way around this? Custom segmentation seems to be per file, but the files are automatically created/updated by the integration every time someone edits anything in Storyblok, so that doesn’t seem feasible.

I’m posting here because I haven’t gotten any response from Crowdin support. Hopefully they will come back with something soon!

Hi @rschamp,

Can you please let us know if the span tags are added to your translation on export back to Storyblock? If yes, can you please share some screenshots as examples? Or do you mean that these span tags are added only in the Editor?

Looking forward to your reply,

Yes they’re only added within the editor, and gone in the translation once it’s back in Storyblok. If they were in the export to Storyblok, I would expect to see an array of span elments in the JSON for the translated text, but I see a single p element with two sentences within it:

    "type": "paragraph",
    "content": [
            "text": "Dies ist ein Block-Zitat. Es wird oft verwendet, um ein Zitat aus einer anderen Quelle anzugeben.",
            "type": "text"

Hi @rschamp thank you for the clarifications, let us double-check it