Spurious crowdin.yml file update commits

Recently the contents of crowdin.yml file has been automatically being changed (by an auto commit). It used to say

  - name: Localizations (strings file)
      - en.xliff
    file: '/%osx_code%/Localizable.strings'
    format: macosx

but is being changed to

  - 3

The commit message says Update Crowdin configuration file and even after reverting the commit, the contents change again by a new auto commit.

Hi @godly-devotion ,

Could you please share a little more detail? Are you using some integration like GitHub or are you using the CLI?

Download targets command is deprecated and has already been dropped, so we highly recommend switching to using bundles crowdin bundle | Crowdin CLI

Hi @Roman, I am using the GitHub integration.
Currently I have a GitHub action that exports the english localization file (en.xliff) which is then uploaded to the Crowdin project using the crowdin/github-actions workflow with upload_sources: true. Then when translators change the files, it is uploaded back into the GitHub project repo via the GitHub integration into the respective lproj folders.

This was nice because everything was automated. How would I be able to work with the bundle?

Hi godly-devotion,

Recently we’ve improved the Target File Bundles feature for the GitHub integration (as well as other DVCS integrations) to use the Bundles created in your Crowdin project.

As a result, bundles: - 3 have been added to your configuration file. It means that the integration will use the Bundle with ID 3 to export the translation. This Bundle can be found in the Translations tab > Target File Bundles on your Crowdin project page. You can remove the targets section from your configuration file.

The behavior of the translation export should be the same as before.