Special characters not being written properly to Java properties files

I’m not sure if there is an option I need to set somewhere but I am currently trying to use Crowdin to handle translations for a Java properties file.

The issue I’m running into is that a string that is translated on Corwdin such as:
click_action=Klicke auf etwas für .
is converted to something like:
click_action=Klicke auf etwas für .

Notice that the German umlaut character is not being set correctly in the properties file. This also happens for any other “special” / non-ascii characters. I am also using the Github integration if that matters at all.

Seems file should be supported just fine.

Export works in overall good, the only issue is with german umlaut? If so, you will need to replace the characters after receiving the translation I suppose.

But it may be also ascii related. In this case, you need someone from Crowdin to change the encoding for the project. Like into ascii or to utf-8.

Try creating a test project and upload some test file without acsii or utf specification. Just to see how ssytem parses it.

This happens for all non-ascii characters. I haven’t tried re-uploading so maybe that works.

What can fixed from Crowdin side is changing the parsing of project, from utf-8 to ascii. But as @KyllianH1 said it may affect another file, so need to be carefull with it. I’d suggest you createting a new account so trial can be start, create some project and upload files just from PC, different files. To see how it’s parsed. If nothing changed - then it’s file-ralated problem. If changed - then parsing of project and you need to contact Crowdin to change it into ascii.