Spanish translations are nor exported from Crowdin to Intercom :(

Hi folks,
Our team has recently started using Intercom integration and everything works well except Spanish. For some reason the translations for this language are not imported to Intercom :frowning: Maybe anyone knows why it happens and what we should do to make it work?



@Fabio We also use Intercom integration and can help you with it. Since there is a difference in language codes for some languages between Crowdin and Intercom, it is necessary to customize language codes on Crowdin side (with a few simple clicks).

Do the following:

  • just go to General Project settings
  • scroll down a bit to Language Mapping
  • For Language Mapping use Locale to specify es (language code for Spanish used in Intercom) as shown on the screenshot below:

The same can be done for any other language if their language codes differ between Crowdin and Intercom.


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