Spanish Style Guide

Hi there - I’m a new Crowdin customer using Machine Translation to translate my website into Spanish. I understand we can provide a Glossary, but does Crowdin allow for some kind of style guide to give the AI more context as to how to handle things like gendered language in Spanish?

For example, when translating the term “you” into Spanish, there are two distinct levels of formality:

  • Formal second person singular – usted –
  • Informal second person singular—tu —

Our brand has decided that we prefer the informal second person singular -tu- version of this. Is there a way to tell the AI to translate with this in mind, as an example? Here is more context on this question. It is not as simple as putting you → tu in the glossary.

Thank you!

Hello @tylerrochwerg,

Depending on which MT engine you intent to use - some, like DeepL Translator MT Engine, do support the tone indication:

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you! Our style guide goes beyond Tone indication. For example, we also have guidance in our style guide on how to treat gender in Spanish, or whether a period goes inside or outside of quotation marks. Is there any way to provide this guidance to the MT engine?

Hi @tylerrochwerg,

In the Advanced mode of the prompt configuration, there is a possibility to add as many rules for AI as you need. Thus, you are welcome to add these requirements to your prompt in order for the AI to use it in translation.

Thank you - that’s really helpful.