Source strings contains semicolon are parsed source&context separatelly

I’m importing files from github. It’s format is below:
But when source string has semicolon(;), imported source string divided source and context.
In this case SOURCE_STRING2 becomes context.

Is there any way not to split source strings?

Hello @stdblue!

To prevent the semicolon in your source strings from being interpreted as a context separator, you can adjust the import settings by using a custom segmentation rule. Please refer to the following page for guidance on setting up custom segmentation in Crowdin:

Hello @DianaO ,
I read your suggested page. In my case source file recognized as key-value structure.
So I can’t see Parser Configuration Tab. Is it my mistake to operation?

Hi @stdblue

I noticed that you are using the .ini files.

The thing is that the ; sign is considered to be a comment, so in order to import everything properly, you will need to enclose strings in quotation marks. For example,

InfoMessage.ImagesInfo=“Images: %d ; Selected: %d; Checked: %d”

Hi @Olena ,
I understand what cause this issue.
If I change file extension to .properties, can I use Parser Configurations?

Hi @stdblue,

I’m afraid it won’t help here as files with a .properties extension are considered to be key-value pair files too.

Hello @Olena ,
Thank you for your answer.
I have a question. Are there any other rules about importing key-value structure?
I’d like to know what I need to concern.

Hello @stdblue ,

When importing a key-value structure, it’s important to ensure that your file format is supported and correctly formatted. Make sure to follow the syntax specific to your file type to avoid any import errors.

Hello @NataliaS ,
I read documents you suggest. I see it is specification.
To import ini file within semicolon its value, I need to edit source file contents.
OK. Thank you crowdin team. Please close this topic.

Dear @stdblue!

You are always welcome :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if any assistance is needed.

Meanwhile wish you a wonderful day and only positive moments with Crowdin :hugs: