Source not in translations anymore


I have a question regarding source files. For some time now, it looks like the files (en-GB and de-DE) uploaded via our GItHub-Action are registered as Source Strings (en-GB), sure, but it doesn’t add it to the list of translations, so our contributors do not see they could correct english as well.

Did something change?

Hi @marcelbrode Not sure we got you right. You uploaded both English file as well as german translations as source files and they both are visible in the Files tab? Instead of a German file being uploaded as a translation to the English file?

Guess I was not clear, sorry for that!

We upload via GitHub Action English and German. English is our base language, German just excluded in processes like pre-translation.

German adds to the translations just fine
English is to be found in the source files, yes, but not in translations. So crowdin says english is not translated, even when the strings are there as a base, but our community is not able to translate from there.

Is that more clear? :slight_smile:
Thanks in Advance!

@marcelbrode could you please send an email to with the project name and some screenshots that could show the issue?

Sure thing! Thanks! I’ll do that!

For future generations:
Looks like I missed the import_eq_suggestions: true flag in my github action yaml file. Thanks for your help!