Source messages not pulled from GitHub

My CrowdIn Project SQLiteStudio uses GitHub integration with GitHub repository pawelsalawa/SQLiteStudio (referring to GitHub here, but I cannot post external URLs). It worked for a long time without issues. Then for past several months new messages are not being pulled from GitHub into CrowdIn anymore. Even after enforce “Sync” from the Integration page.

For example there is a message string Highlight current query in source file: SQLiteStudio3/guiSQLiteStudio/translations/guiSQLiteStudio.ts, whereas it is not present in the CrowdIn project.

How to solve it?

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I’ve found the the root cause - for some reason that I don’t know, the following option was unchecked in the GitHub integration configuration:

After enabling it and re-syncing, everything works correctly.

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This option is a new one, at least for me. Never noticed it until last week, and it also was unchecked And usually as I remember it worked not in that way. Or maybe just my use case - always be adding translation from Crowdin, not from GitHub.

Anyway, nice to hear that you’ve found a solution. Probably it would be useful for someone in the same situation as yours.

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