Source language missing in Target File Bundles

The Build & Download Bundles feature allows to export to various file formats. But the source language is missing in the target Bundle. How can I include the source language in the target bundle?

I want to export everything to “Flutter ARB” and to “RESX”. But the source language is missing in the exported bundles.
The source file exists only in one source format. But I need to get the source language in multiple target formats.

Yes, by default you don’t have the source language in exported files, because of system logic is that you already have source in the source files.

The thing you need to do is to add a source language as a target as well plus upload the same source file as a translation to this new target language with an option “allow translation to match source stings”. In this case you will have source in target section as well.

Not sure if this wouldn’t cause anything unexpected, so maybe better to test in a brand new project before appliying to the main one. Or use a similar language, i.e. if source is English, add English US or GB as target and just change the code outside the Crowdin once translation is received.