"Some files require your attention"

Hey everyone, a few days ago I’ve setup automatic syncing with our GitHub project. We want to have one master json with all strings which is the basis and won’t be changed by Crowdin. All translation files will automatically sync from Crowdin to the codebase.

Yesterday, A banner started to appear that says " Some files require your attention". It marks our master json file red saying “Wrong export pattern”.

But from our integration settings, this should never actually happen in the first place.


(In the sync settings, Push Sources is not checked)

While the banner does not hinder any process and works, it’s a bit odd and I’m unsure if everything is working as intended.


Please contact us at support@crowdin.com with the project name, so that we could investigate it from our side. It might be that language code or file paths require adjustment

@SpinShare the %two_letters_code% placeholder represents the Language code ISO 639-1 (e.g., uk). Some languages might have the same two-letter code (e.g. Portuguese pt-PT, Portuguese, Brazilian pt-BR). In this case, the translations might be overwritten during the export.

Most likely, the warning you receive means exactly this conflicting situation. In this case, it’s better to use some more unique codes, for example %locale%.

Hey everyone, thanks for the comments.

It was indeed the problem with two colliding languages (Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified). Maybe the warning message could be a bit more clear on this.