Slight tremor as well as a blur when using Translation script on Webflow

I use Crowdin to translate my Webflow website
Since i imported the javascript into my embed code, i can observe some tremor and blur when switching between the different pages of my website
Thanks for your help

Hello @hugobls

Please send me a direct message with:

  1. your project ID
  2. screen record of the tremor and blur you’re experiencing

After that, I’ll be able to check everything from my side.

Hi Dima,
My Project ID : 596555
You’ll find in this link the record of my screen : Blur & tremor Crowdin Webflow - YouTube
Notice that each time I switch page you can see a small blur & tremor
Thank’s for your help

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Thanks for the reply. Will run few tests from my side on the matter

Checked from my side.

So, blur can be removed if not copy this line from the snippet:
<style>.js-proxy-blur {filter: blur(5px);}</style>

And the page itself has tremor even without JS Proxy integration (Webflow connector is based on it)

This can be checked with a proxy blocked in the browser proxy-translator.js

Hello Dima,
I removed this line from my JS code and it works, no blur, no tremor anymore
Thank’s a lot !
Have a nice day,

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Glad to hear all is good now :slight_smile: