"Skip untranslated strings" not working anymore?

In one of our Crowdin projects, we have the “Skip untranslated strings” option turned on and it usually works fine: translated files don’t include strings that were not translated. However, when I tried to sync our translations via the Github integration today, I saw that untranslated strings were being included as blank strings. Here’s an example commit, and here’s what that file looks like with these blank strings:

  x_people_helped_user_with_y_ids_html: ""
  _percent_ID_d: ""
  a_default_taxon_name_will_automatically_created: |
  a_flag_for_x: ""
  a_member_of_taxon_html: ""

This is a significant change in behavior and will result in a lot of our users seeing blank spaces where before they would have seen the default English source text. Is there a bug?

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FWIW, I got in touch with Roman B. at Crowdin support and they said,

Yesterday we had a deployment in which there was a small error and it affected the update of files, our guys have already restored back everything. Tomorrow, our team will launch a special script that will go through all projects and fix files that may have been affected

So, problem isn’t solved yet but it sounds like someone’s working on it.

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Heard the same in another topic. Yep, probably your problem is related to this. As I know Crowdin’s team are really fast, you can expect fix in a day or so.

Hello. This problem seems to be happening also with the CLI. When I do a pull:
crowdin pull --skip-untranslated-strings the following string gets added to my translation files:

"SuperFreshString": "",

When in fact it is clear from the Crowdin UI that the String is not translated yet:

I always use crowdin download for downloading translations, but not with this command, but with editing the crowdin.yaml (export options) file for this purpose Configuration File | Crowdin Developer Portal

So each file may have different options as I prefer.

Which version of CLI do you have installed? Or this is the GitHub actions? If you don’t want to separate the files by options, probably would be better to set up 1 time everything within project settings and just keep using it.