Setting Text Length Without Tags?


In the online editor, when a tag <> is present
Is it possible to not count the number of characters in the tag from the character count?

Since tags are actually invisible elements
I would like to prevent them from being counted in the character count.

The maximum number of characters is set by the interface area, so if tags are counted, they cannot be handled correctly.

Hello, you can try project count calculation by words only (without tags) in project settings.

Also, some tags can be hidden with specific editor settings (wheel button, top right corner).

But skipping tag at all is not possible because it’s the part of your file. Also, as far as I know not all tag are content, but anyway it’s better not to put tag in the middle or string, just for making translators life easier :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Maximus_Lopes
Thanks for the reply.

By project settings do you mean Skip tags in Word count?
We have already set them here and they seem to be counted.

The tags are not html, but your own content defined with <>.
Content like <NAME>.

Hello, yes, I meant Skip tags in word count. It works with some specific tags only.

In case you have or for example, they would anyway be imported, visible and counted.

Not sure if this would help, but here you can find some additional info about tags also you can search for your file type

Thank you.

I’m adding the data with the Skip tag enabled.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work.

The tags are not html, they are defined in <>, so I can’t use them in this case.

I would like to know if there is a way to control and identify the tags on our own.

Hi! Is there any chance you can share some samples here? I’ve used to played around with tags in past, guess I can assist you this time as well, but need some samples like screenshots of source strings or files (without aby credentials, just to see the structure and tags) for tests :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
Can you share an example of the tags we use!

Message <WAIT>.
My name is <NAME>. <WAIT>
<SIZE middle>item</SIZE>

The above is a case in point.
If it’s possible to adjust the character count determination, I eagerly await! :slight_smile:

Hello, not sure, but would this work for you? Found in docs.

This is exactly the feature I was looking for!
Unfortunately, however, the link seems to be an Enterprise feature
I am using the Crowdin :sob:

There was also a mention of custom placeholders in the regular Knowledge, but I had to inquire about it.
I’ll try contacting support.

Not sure but this may be considered as custom development, at least I suppose that some dev from Crowdin would add placeholders as a custom option for particular yours project or account

Lucky for me, my work is open source, so I just requests free license for it (Enterprise version also free for open source) and added all things by myself :smile: