Send crowdin webhook to discord webhook


I would like to send any action that occurs on my project to a discord server where I look more often, I’ve created there a webhook URL, and also made a webhook on the project page on Crowdin, but what should I do to send a message to Discord using the payload area?

I’ve tried this:

    "username": "test",
    "content": "empty"

But the above code returns an error: {"message": "Cannot send an empty message", "code": 50006} Which seems a bit off since the documentation from the discord developer portal said that the minimum requirement is to have a content property, what am I doing wrong?

Hi @Faithful

I’ve seen this app

Also, I remember that my colleague work with Crowdin in past, and there was a user who created a Bot for this purposes. It was very custom integration, he used Crowdin’s API to receive webhooks + some specific configuration form the side of Discord Server. Can’t remember the exact logic, but I guess you can play a little with it.

That’s a discord limitation, messages need to have some form of content, either text or attachments (images, files, etc.).
I would recommend looking at the python library for discord bots (even if not the language you use, it is very well documented : API Reference )

Indeed, nice library, contains tons of information, I also looked for some Discord integration opportunity so decided to check your topic :slight_smile: Hope in the future webhooks would be more detailed so it would be easier to create a bot.

Hi, I’ve also tried to combine Crowdin’s capabilities and Discord’s, and it seems with some 3rd redirects you can create a nice integration. My bot works as this 3rd party, transforms Crowdin’s data into content recognized by Discord. I’ll spend some more time to improve it, still, even now I see it works pretty good.