Security Key deleted - unable to authorize

Some time ago I have set up a security key. Unfortunatly i’m no longer able to access it. If i now want to authorize any action in my account, i only get the option to use a security key for authentication. Is there any other way of authentication, like with the Google account i use to log in?


Sure, it is possible to link your Crowdin account to Gmail and log in to Crowdin with a single click in Account settings > Account tab > scroll down to the Auth Providers

Please refer to the screenshot below:

I’m already connected with my Google account. Unfortunatly, if I want to execute any other action (like enable new device verification, 2FA, etc.) I get redirected to a page where i need to authorize this action and only have a button “Use security key”, which i don’t have. So i can log in to my crowdin account, but cannot do anything else.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to disable the “Security key” for you. You would need to create a new account? Or please try to Register Security Key:

Seems like i need to create a new account. As an improvement, i suggest to implement some sort of fallback authentication (like recovery codes). Thank you very much for your help.

I have just found out that I can neither delete my account nor create a new one, as my e-mail address is still in use. So I seem to be completely hard-locked. Is there another thing i can do?

Hello @ottozumkeller!

We will contact you directly via email to get it sorted :+1: (to make it more secure)