Screenshot autotagging logic?

What’s the logic of auto tag of screenshot? So, if I use automatic tag, is there a regulated match percentage or what? Like in editor when I what to display TM suggestions from 80 to 100% match only, and not less. Some screenshots are picked up for auto tag, some are almost always not…

I use this feature too, and I can tell you’re right.

For manual tagging, Crowdin seems to pull out strings in which the match is more than 20% - this is an approximate number based on my observations only,

and for auto tagging, the minimum match should already be somewhere around 60-65%.

That is, if, for example, the recognised strings matches a maximum of 35-45%, then auto-tagging will not work here, and you will need to do things manually. If the match is 75-85%, then will definitely work.