Satın Alma için başka yöntemler

Reklamsız satın alma yöntemleri Türkiye de

Hi @Cengiz_Kar ,

Sorry, I don’t speak Turkish! Could you please share some more details on the matter?

I can’t make a purchase to remove ads from Turkey with known methods. I can’t make the payment because the payment is made in Russian rubles

@Cengiz_Kar ,

Would you please share some more details on what exactly you are purchasing, some screenshots maybe, and your username in Crowdin so that we could check everything internally?

I want to remove the True Phone Caller ads, I am posting the screenshots attached

Hello @Cengiz_Kar

You’ve reached the Crowdin team - the localization platform. We do not have any management rights, contacts, or influence on True Phone Caller, so I suggest you email their team directly.

I hope someone from their side will help you to find the answers to your questions!