"Russian, Ukraine" language

Hi. There’s a “Russian, Ukraine” language in profile settings. Can anyone tell me what is that language? The only official status of Russian in Ukraine is one of the official languages in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, but this is not a variation, but common language of russia, with no specific grammar, vocabularies etc. Why do you need to keep it in the list?

Hello @pavloslav

From my side, I can see that 100+ open projects have this language as one of the targets. Probably it is used for Russian-speaking Ukrainians. There are also Russian, Belarus and Russian, Moldova:

“Russian-speaking Ukrainians” is a political cliche lacking any semantic value, see Constitutional Court Decision #1-р/2021 Рішення № 1-р/2021 від 14.07.2021 Рішення Конституційного Суду України у справі за конституційним поданням 51 народного депутата України щодо відповідності Конституції України (конституційності) Закону України „Про забезпечення функціонування української мови як державної“. Редакція від 14.07.2021 | ZakonOnline - Право знати!

I understood your point, but removing this language dialect may cause unnecessary “moves” for users who own these projects, like editing integrations, informing the team about change, and so on.

I absolutely confirm the absurdity of such common practice.
@Dima the language dialect mentioned by you doesn’t exist.
From the perspective point of view, the right way would be to at least disable the possibility of using and even proposing Russian-Ukraine variations for the new projects.
This way the old projects won’t be affected.

Hello @apoli

At this time we will leave our language list unchanged. We can’t make decisions like this, without considering the consequences, and for these 100+ open projects, once they grow up and there would be a need of splitting into 2-3 smaller projects, the owner may need old languages to be added.

If you wish so, you can add this as a feature request. In case it gathers a lot of pluses, we’ll try to find the best compromise that will be acceptable for all users.