Require Two Factor Authentication for Managers and Admins

Currently there’s an setting to enable mandatory 2FA for all user.

Feature request: Add an option to make it mandatory only for Managers and Admins.

I’ll better enable it for someone from translators, especially some community members, because you never know who have access to your translation and content. So enabling it for everyone looks more secure. In big teams, in my opinion, having 2Fa enables is a must have option for all users.

Probably it’s hard to realize technically. I mean, user role can be changed, so it should trach and instantly log our user if role changed from translator to admin or so. Also probably one day some new roles will be added, with mixed permissions. I guess for keeping more resources in the performance there’s no separator like this one.

Forcing 2FA for everyone is already an option and I think that’s quite a useful option when you only have in-house translators. However, we are mostly relying on the crowd and forcing all of them to enable 2FA isn’t an option and doesn’t enhance security, because every user can suggest translations. There’s simply no need to steal the account of a crowd translator. So, having the option to force 2FA only for managers/admins would be a security enhancement to us.

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A nice one, if you raise a feature request, I’ll vote fore it for sure! :grin:

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