Request for some help regarding Crowdin Verbal Expression use

Hey guys, I’m feeling kinda stupid, but I just don’t get how to use the Verbal Expression syntax.

:one: Firstly, could somebody provide some working expressions as examples? (I just can’t find any good examples for Verbal Expression use online.)

:two: Secondly, Is it possible to write Verbal Expressions for the following queries?

  1. Strings with maximum 14 characters.
  2. Strings with only one translation.
  3. Strings with translations from only one specific user
  4. Strings with translations NOT from certain users
  5. Strings where the approved tranlation is not the one with the most votes

Any input is very much welcome!

  1. I suppose it’s not highly popular tool. As far as I know, folks from Enterprise use custom QA checks and custom placeholders in all cases, and folks from regular Crowdin are just fine with what they have without customisation. I’ve googled and didn’t find anything on the matter.

  2. I suppose should be possible, but one by one maybe. As for 1) - limit pattern (characters) limit “1,3” and so on.

You will need a developer from your team to do this for you. They know such things well.