Report generation via API fails due to conflict

I’m manager of the obs-studio project. We deploy a JavaScript script that uses the Crowdin JavaScript API to generate a top members report for every language, after some time check for their completion and then download the results. The code for that.

This worked well in the past, but now after testing again I’m receiving 409 errors for some Generate Report requests. The error message is “Another report generation is currently in progress. Please wait until it’s finished.”
My first thought was that the script wanted to generate multiple reports for the same language, but this is not the case.
Do we now have a rate limit for the report generation? If that’s the case the only solution is to try again until the request does not fail, which is not a clean solution and falls out of place for all the other solutions the API provides, e.g. the Check Report Generation Status method.

Hi @Vainock ! The reason for the message might also be that another report is being generated as well at the same time (even when it is different report)

The script requests lots of reports to be generated (synchronically), and as a report takes a few seconds to generate, I believe so. It’s probably the amount of requests in such a short time, though that needs to be communicated.

Dear @VainockManager!
The reason seems to be indeed in the amount of requests. Currently, the limit is 20 simultaneous API requests per account. We will also pass your feedback to our developers for this limit to be more communicated.

But I’m receiving the error code 409 “Conflict”, not 429 “Too Many Requests”. Your JavaScript API client handles this rate limit correctly. It is specifically this endpoint. Feel free to take a look at the API history for this project (51028).
It would be helpful to know when this error “Conflict” gets thrown.

Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Sure, we will pass this idea to our developers.