Remember login status for crowdin websites

Basically, every now and then I have to log in to crowdin again even after tapping “Remember Me”. Please fix the account session for more extended periods or in a way that the account doesn’t get logged out until done manually.
And if we log in from another device, the previous device should not get logged out. Currently, it makes it even harder just to log in each time and creates a bad user experience.

Hope this gets fixed

Hello @MilindGoel15

Mentioned option remembers you for about 30 days. Perhaps you’ve shut down the PC, or logged into an account using another device?

I assume this was made as a part of the security process. For example, when you don’t use your PC, finish the work, and forget to log out, once you log in from another device (your phone, your personal PC), you’re also logged out from the 1st PC, which makes your work more secure and decrease the probability of account being stolen.

On the other hand, this also prevents users from cheating. Having another device sessions = 1 shared account within the whole team, and if the team is 500 people, it’s quite unfair. Plus, can add a lot of mess when each of them decides to change settings or link another branch with project.

Normally, two-factor auths are enough for protecting accounts from being stolen. SMS-based or recovery codes as the backup methods. Although, any form of security can be bypassed if malware/viruses/etc is designed like that.

I understand your point on the crowdin security process but it just creates a bad user experience in the end, too much trouble if the user has 2FA enabled also. That’s just my opinion.

In respect of the project team and management, I think only the owners should have the rights to edit or the moderators at the very max. In a team of 500 people, giving rights to everyone for editing core project settings or linking another branch would be foolish. So, if the crowdin restricts every project to have only max 50 people, for example, to have the rights and each of them cannot access the owner’s account or delete the project. I don’t know if this is the case already but this would be a much better option. Sharing one account with more than one person shouldn’t even be allowed.

Maybe then, it would be beneficial to keep the login session on more than one device at the same time. Because no one else but the account owner will have the login.

Hello @MilindGoel15

This is the expected behavior since currently, users on Free and Pro plans do not have the possibility to share the account. That’s why when logging in on another device, the system logs out.

With higher-tier subscriptions, you can use 2+ devices simultaneously.

There’s no restriction on translators and proofreaders, you can invite as many as you need. Managers are limited, but the limit is applied to the whole account (1 manager can be assigned to multiple projects).