Reformatting of multiline source strings / line breaks / whitespace in XML files

In my Android project the following string resource is defined as the source string:

    <string name="trace_droid_button_title_send">
        Open email

When I look at the generated Spanish translation I see that line breaks have been changed - notice the leading whitespace:

    <string name="trace_droid_button_title_send">      Abrir e-mail


  1. Is the line break / multiline handling something I can configure, e.g. via crowdin.yml or the web administration interface??
  2. Is the line break / multiline handling something you are working on to improve?

The file should still be valid. As I said in previous conversation, it looks like default parser behaviour.

If it’s critical to you, you may request a custom development so someone from Crowdin changes the default parser just for your needs and for your project: