Receive mail when a string is translated


As a project owner, I want to receive an email when someone translates a string in my project.
I have the checkbox

Notify project managers and developers about language translation/proofreading completion

checked but I don’t receive anything.

Can you please help me set this up?
I miss a lot of translations because of this.

Hi @Zenoo ,

It all depends on how you set up Notifications in your account Settings. You need to turn on Language Progress notifications (Translation or proofreading for a
certain language is complete)

I already have it enabled

Hello @Zenoo,

Do note that you will receive a notif only when all the files are translated/proofread for that target language. You will not be notified about every file being complete.

So please check whether your project has languages with 100% progress bar.

Is there no way to get notified when single translations are made?
People rarely complete whole languages, and since I don’t check every day, useful translations get unused for weeks before I notice them.

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If your subscription plan allows, you can set Weekhooks, for such events as: File fully translated and File fully reviewed

As for single translations - that’s not possible

FWIW, it would be very helpful to our group of volunteer proofreaders if Crowdin would make it possible to receive notifications about newly-added but un-approved translations in a specific language. For example, if I am not a project admin but I am a proofreader for Spanish, I want to know when someone else adds a new translation in Spanish so I can review and approve it (or edit or delete it), otherwise it’s hard to perform the task of proofreading that I volunteered to do. I think a daily or even weekly email about proofreading work that needs to be done would be helpful.

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Hi @kueda ! We will pass your idea to our PM and once we receive the decision regarding this we will let you know :slight_smile:

+100 to @kueda’s description of the issue. I’m a proofreader on the iNat project, but my proofreading workflow is broken, since I don’t know when a set of strings is ready to review. The closest workaround is to regularly sign in and filter the messages, but it’s far from feasible.

It’s probably not recommended to send a notification for every string, but I’d definitely tolerate a daily email. Another option to explore is to somehow tie it to when the translated strings go into production (a few days prior), in case the CrowdIn system knows when that occurs.

Thank you

Hi @stekkelpak ,

As far as I understand, my colleagues have already pass feedback to our PM, so as soon as we receive a response from him, we will let you know

Hi @Roman ,

Happy Holidays! A quick follow up: has there been any response from product on this issue since?

Thank you,

Hi @stekkelpak!

Happy Holidays! Our developers are still working on the development of such functionality. Once it is done from our side we will inform you :wink:

Hope for your kind understanding and wish you a wonderful day ahead :slight_smile: