Receive mail when a string is translated


As a project owner, I want to receive an email when someone translates a string in my project.
I have the checkbox

Notify project managers and developers about language translation/proofreading completion

checked but I don’t receive anything.

Can you please help me set this up?
I miss a lot of translations because of this.

Hi @Zenoo ,

It all depends on how you set up Notifications in your account Settings. You need to turn on Language Progress notifications (Translation or proofreading for a
certain language is complete)

I already have it enabled

Hello @Zenoo,

Do note that you will receive a notif only when all the files are translated/proofread for that target language. You will not be notified about every file being complete.

So please check whether your project has languages with 100% progress bar.

Is there no way to get notified when single translations are made?
People rarely complete whole languages, and since I don’t check every day, useful translations get unused for weeks before I notice them.

If your subscription plan allows, you can set Weekhooks, for such events as: File fully translated and File fully reviewed

As for single translations - that’s not possible