Question about permissions

Hi, I work with few translations provider, all of them are small teams, maybe 7-8 people, good only in 1 or 2 language pairs.

All of them are now invited as proofreaders, and few as a managers. Still, their managers work only in 1-2 languages (as it’s done by the whole team), but both proofreaders and managers statuses grants access to every language I have in project, which is not fine in terms of privacy and quality - there was few times they’ve missed their language and translated another one because I have some custom languages named almost the same.

My current workflow requires translations being approved, so switching all of them to translators role would cause conflicts.

Would be grateful If someone can provide with advice on the best management practices in cases like mine.

Managers have almost similar rights as a project owner except the ability to manage some resources of the owner (but this ability can be granted in advanced, like accessing glossaries or workflows Manager Permissions | Crowdin Documentation

With proofreaders, you can delete the access to one or another languages for this users:

  1. turn on Moderate project joining option in project settings
  2. go to members, 3 dots near name of user you need to edit
  3. edit permissions

Personally I uses few trusted managers and all others are translators/proofreaders or blocked for some languages, in your case I guess it would be fine to keep proofreaders as they are, but remove access for them for other languages.

I also read somewhere here in other topic that there’s a plan to add new roles, I guess by the end of the Fall this feature should be released.