QA suggestion/autofix (often) wrong for ellipses in German

I noticed something about the crowdin ui that annoys me a bit:

In German (just as in English) you can use an ellipsis (“…”) to indicate that a sentence or phrase is incomplete.

Bit in German the ellipsis can be written directly touching the word, or with a blank in-between. This is not a matter of personal taste, both spellings have different semantics:

The same example sentence is cut off in two different places:

  1. “Es geht um die Qualitätssicherung …” (… in unserem Projekt.)
    Ellipsis not touching the words: The sentence/phrase on either side of the ellipsis is incomplete.
  2. “Es geht um die Qualitäts…” (…sicherung in unserem Projekt.)
    Ellipsis touching the words: The word on either side of the ellipsis in incomplete.

Case 1 is used much more frequently (even with the long German words) - also to indicate that a menu item will not immediately trigger an action but open a dialog window first.

This rule is not too well known even among native speakers. So, even when your intuition tells you to put a blank before the ellipsis, the QA suggestion might make you uncertain and tempt you towards the (slightly) wrong spelling in most cases.

Hi @bee8bit passing this to the team

Hi @bee8bit just tested in my project with your examples but didn’t see any qa. Maybe you could share the screenshot or the link to a string as an example? If you don’t want to share it here, please send to