QA have something issues with the chinese brackets

When I translate English to Chinese with brackets, QA always alert me with “source text contains this symbols:”(“, please add this symbols to the translating.”

Actually, I used chinese brackets. But I still get the alerm form QA. There is a difference between brackets in Chinese"()“and brackets in English”()", as you can see, brackets in Chinese have more space aside each bracket.

So can you help us to fix it?

I suppose QA check is not so clever enough to see those differences. If you’re proofreader you should be able to overwrite the checks ad save suggestion anyway. Or just disable this bracket-related checks.

Had the same one, my teammate just saved anyway the translation

I did the same too. But it is a little annoying :sweat_smile:

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Thanks. I am not proofreader, but translator. I just “saved it anyway”. :rofl:

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Well, QA can’t cover all the cases in the world, but this one is not a very critical as for me.

I’m not sure is Qa checks even work with Chinese. Probably they may do not, a hard-to-check language.