Public Word Count + Large Projects for Translation Question

Hi all

Just a quick question:
Does the word count limit also apply for public projects? If no, can you help me to make our private project to public? We do not need it to be private.

If the word limit also applies for public projects, would this mean that we cannot use the translation store to buy translations if the project is too large? We would like to purchase translations into other languages.

Thank you

Free plan? Anyway, in all plans, hosted words limit is applied for whole account.

Example: You created 3 projects (1 private, 2 public), in summary, all of them have 50k hosted words (15+15+20 - just for example). So, current account limit will be 50k hosted words.

It’s regardless from public or private projects.

You can purchase translation in any subscription, with any hosted words. But note that for some subscriptions (like Free plan) only Crowdin LSP is available like Vendor-to-hire. No others. I’m not sure about Pro plan, but on Team you can use whole Vendor marketplace (about 20 companies).

Please read pricing carefully, if you hold a mouse near --i–, there will be a pop up with explanation what hosted words means.

Hi @KateOlssenForum

Thanks for your reply, so it means if we want to purchase more languages (and exhaust the limit), we would need to pay for higher tiers too (even if they are all public projects)?


All have limits, regardless of project public or private.

If you need 500 000 hosted words, and free plan allows up to 60 000, than yes, you need to buy a higher tier. Maybe pro with extended hosted words count.