Project overview shows translation incomplete files, but these files contain no incomplete strings


Me and my translating partner seeing incomplete translation project, but when we proceed to translate some incomplete marked file, we are unable to see any incomplete strings.

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Hello @slrslr

I assume there might be a progress re-calculating process. It takes some time, so in UI the status bar of progress may be shown not as it is. Should be re-calculating in a few hours.

Also, stings may be changed to visibility=hidden. Then they will be available in the “all content” tab (near the translation step switcher). All are assigned to another user/task/vendor.

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Hello there,

Can you confirm whether the issue still exists? If so, is there a change you can ask the manager or admin to double-check everything? They should be able to investigate all assumptions @KateOlssenForum has shared.

Some more feedback regarding this:

this is caused by a filter which allows us to check and add context if necessary or report to devs before strings are made available to translators. This of course is not intended but we are not able to change this, we have already reported this to Crowdin but they process tickets in terms of importance they themselves decide.

To me it looks like this option Source Text Review | Crowdin Documentation which can be deactivated from the workflow, so this is not the issue. Still nice to know to hear that Crowdin team are looking into it. Filters never were a blocking issue, so not a surprise that this is not high-priority one.

then I will send this link to the project maintainer in hope it is the cause of the issue, since the issue re-appeared again:

translation progress shows untranslated, but nothing to translate when i click translation mode

Should be Source text review or delayed workflow start. Or progress re-calculation. Manager should be able to confirm one of those.

I have got a message from them saying:

we use source text review otherwise strings would be sent to translators with zero checks from us where we can’t determine if a string is OK for translation or not. This is something Crowdin needs to change (not notifying the translators until the strings are made available to them). Thank you for your understanding.

I’m sure this manager was in contact with someone from Crowdin and reported this directly. Nothing can be done here to change this. If it’s technically possible to change they will review this request, as they always do trying their best to improve user experience.