Pricing plans are a lie

According to your pricing table, the “translation vendor marketplace” is available on all plans. I had a pro plan subscription and yet all the translation vendors (except Crowdin Language Services) were “not available on [my] current subscription plan”. While trying to figure out how to enable the other vendors on my plan I ended up downgrading to the free plan, so I guess you played yourselves.

Hey @enrico.socket

Well, it’s not a lie, but some part of misunderstanding I guess. I’m also using Pro plan, and yet, Crowdin LSP works pretty good, always fast, always correct, always nice suggestions. Never changed anything they’ve done.

For all other vendors, they’re available only from starting from the Team plan.

Right now this limitation isn’t displayed on Pricing Page, but in the future, there will be a pop-up (or something like that) with clarification added.

The word marketplace implies open competition. It’s incredibly misleading to call it a “translation vendor marketplace” when the only option is to buy from the vendor who controls the marketplace. That’s vendor lock-in, the total opposite of a marketplace. Whether Crowdin LSP is good or bad for translations is a separate issue. The pricing page doesn’t need a tooltip to explain that the marketplace isn’t actually a marketplace, just replace the green check with an ‘x’

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@enrico.socket thanks for this comment, an honest feedback always means a lot. We’ll definitely take it into account :slightly_smiling_face:

Just noting that the pricing page still hasn’t been updated

Hi @enrico.socket
Thanks for reporting this, we know it and already working on the improvement that would clarify this moment :slight_smile: