Pricing plan difference in terms of users

Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my plan, but I’m also wondering what can do users that aren’t managers? Like, are managers really needed? What is their particular role?
I’ve read the knowledge base, seems they arent so important from a glance.

You’ll need managers to carry on about source files. Like file update, or translation download. Integration set up. And any other management stuff. When we started our work with Crowdin we just had a shared account but in a week or so understood that it’s a bad approach and switch to basic subscritpion.

I guess 5 managers to start with would be more that enough.

Proofreaders and translators can only translate and proofread, and also edit glossary terms if you allow them to. In case you’ll have a sick leave or day off, manager is must have. A lot of reasons can be noted down in addition, so just trust - at least 1-2 manageres are definetelly life required option :slight_smile:

Welll, you must have some point. I think yeah, I agree. There should be more cases managers are need, it’s a useful resource.