Prevent translations from being deleted after MD file update

Hello everyone! I have an issue that really frustrates me a lot. We use MD files for our project translations and everytime we add the new strings most or even all translations are deleted. We manage to restore translations with TM but that’s really time-consuming, we’re tired of that. Does anybody know how to stop translations from being deleted?

I would be very grateful for any tips!


Hello AnnaLuisa,

I guess it’s because the MD format itself, it’s not a key-value file that’s probably why old translations are not preserved. One tip that comes to mind is indeed restoring all translations via TM, we’ve set up a custom workflow which triggers pre-translations every time our files are update

It saves a lot of time :slight_smile:

You can also add the strings at the end of the file (if that’s possible of course), then the translations for all the strings above should be untouched"

@Karen @Josh thank you so much for the suggestions, I’ll definitely try them