Pre-translation doesn't work, but why?

Hi there,

I’m using the built-in pre-translation with Amazon Translate and tried to pre-translate everything missing. I don’t know why, it always skips all strings from all language. Can you tell me what could be wrong or how to get that knowledge? I do not see any possibilites for that. It just stopped working.

Hi @marcelbrode,

We checked the logs from our side and noticed that the key that was used for pre-translation is invalid and thus the pre-translate failed.

( by the way we are actively working on the improvement task to add more informative MT error for users logs if the pre-translation fails)

Oh, okay. Then, I’ll check that again. Thank you!

Okay, I tried it, got even new credentials, tested by our AWS guys and a normal API call directly to Amazon Translate seems to work, but not using Crowdin (Github Action or via Crowdin Web-UI).

Is it really the key then?

Hello @marcelbrode

Please try to clean the MT engine cache or delete the MT engine from your profile completely, re-generate a new key, and re-setup the MT engine connection.

If you still experience the same error after this manipulation, then please double-check your key.

How to delete the engine completely? I do not get the option to do so :thinking:

Cleared the cache, disabled, re-enabled and tried it again. Still all keys skipped. Our AWS says, there’s successful requests, so the Keys have to be correct. I have no idea what to do anymore :confused:

Hi @marcelbrode

You did the right steps, the issue might be on Amazon’s side.

We have created a task for our developers to find the exact cause and solution.

As soon as there are any updates, we’ll let you know!

That’s very kind of you! Thank you :slight_smile:

Okay… I found out what the problem is.

I’m using a Non-Owner Account with all rights and manage crowdin from there. Now I tried changing the Keys with the Owner account and it works.

So it seems every project has own API keys per account, but when I click on “Pre-Translate”, it just doesn’t care about your credentials and takes those from the owner account, making the credentials entered with my user-account worthless.

I would suggest to make some kind of infos regarding this behaviour, since I couldn’t find any information on that behavior and also do not see the point to add API credentials if they don’t do anything :confused:

@marcelbrode ,

Thank you for the additional details! Passing this to our developers

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