Plurals in gotext json files

Hi team
I’m working with gotext json files, and I have some plurals inside. I’m not a very technical person, our developers are ooo right now, and I need a file to be translated very soon. How can I make plurals being displayed in Crowdin? The file is imported but it seems system cant detect plural forms

Hey hey Alessandro

Please try approach like this one, for example:

"cases": {
                        "one": {
                            "msg": "{Years} year"
                        "other": {
                            "msg": "{Years} years"

Or, alternatively, this one also should be working:

 "cases": {
                        "one": "One book remaining!",
                        "other": "There are {N} more books remaining!"

thanks Dima, you’re a wizard, 1st approached workd perfectly !! :slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses: