Overwrite and autotranslate dublicate strings

When changing a translation for a string, all duplicates keep their old translation. Is there a way to ensure that all duplicates are updated with the new translation?
The setting “Show, but auto-translate them” only works for strings with no translation.

Hello @JosefineFranck

All duplicate-related options work only in case the duplicate is not translated. Let me explain in detail:

It looks like your Duplicates have their translation, not migrated from the master, but their own.

Probably in the past, you have an option like " Show – translators will translate each instance separately."

If yes, then translators can go string by string and translate anything they want. They can add the suggestion directly to duplicate.

If the duplicate has its own suggestion, the connection master-duplicate is lost, and while the duplicate is still considered to be a duplicate, it will not share the master suggestion from the time you add a suggestion directly to the duplicate.

To solve this, you need to delete the suggestion that is added to Duplicate and update the file (to refresh the system). This will restore the master-duplicate connection.

Please also note that the most popular option is to Hide duplicates

More information can be found here:

Also, here are some useful applications:

Hi Dima,
Thank you for the very detailed response. It seems like the issue was that the master duplicates were lost.
Best regards

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